It’s the little things

My mother sent me a package all the way from Miami, Fl, up to my semi-new home of Washington D.C. She filled a box with Colombian treats she knows I love, a little handwritten letter, and a present that a childhood friend sent to me all the way from Bogotá.

From the right: Stephanie Müller (age 4) and Helena Correa (2 1/2)

That package was set to arrive Monday. And in fact, when tracking it online it showed as having been delivered to my house on Monday, March 30, 2015, at 1:07p.m. However, when I arrived home from work that day there was nothing at my door step. All week I anxiously awaited. My mother tried to find out on her end why the package wasn’t here and I did the same.

Finally we gave up. Yesterday during our telephone conversation we both just accepted the fact that it was lost.

This morning when I woke up I said a small prayer in my head that went something like this, “God, I know you’re a really BIG God and that in your greatness you care about the little things–could you maybe please make a little miracle happen and bring the package to me?”

And so, I quickly forgot about the prayer went about having a lazy Sabbath day.

Right when the sun was setting there was thumping at the door and incessant doorbell ringing. I was actually a bit startled, but when I saw it was the neighbor all reservations went away.

As I opened the door she asked “What’s your last name?” I responded  “Souders”, she said “hold on. I have a package for you.”

Let me tell you, I have never been more happy to receive a package in my life. My eyes were actually watery as I opened it.

There were two major reasons for this reaction: 1. I realized once again that God cares about the smallest of things and 2. I was going to get to open the present my childhood friend, Stephanie, sent all the way from Bogotá.

God heard my small prayer and saw it fit to make the little miracle happen.

It’s really the little things.


Good things come in small packages 🙂


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