I love Praha

I spent years dreaming of Prague. It was a life goal to visit the gorgeous city so while I was living in Paris I made it an indispensable bucket list item to be checked off.

I love having people with whom I can celebrate shared experiences. My friend Mindi was the awesome person who accepted to jump into this adventure with me in the summer of 2012.

When we arrived to Prague both Mindi and I were immediately stunned by its beauty and unique style of architecture. It was a mix of Mediterranean and gothic to create a hybrid that was exclusively Czech. It was so gorgeous that it was the only city in Europe which Hitler decided to protect from destruction. Mindi  eloquently expressed what each of us was thinking at the sight of such vision, “It makes me ill to know there is so much beauty in the world and that I never knew about it”.

Walking on the Charles Bridge was absolutely enchanting. Everywhere I looked there was a gem to behold and write a love poem to. The beauty of Prague impacted me so much that at one point I felt that I was cheating on Paris. I had a four day love affair with this city and enjoyed every second of it.

on the bridge

As we explored the city two things really caught my attention: 1. the Czech people’s love for marionettes and 2. Their love for Mozart. When I visited Austria, Mozart’s home country, there was definitely a sense of pride, but when I was in Prague I almost questioned whether Mozart really was Austrian or if this whole time he was Czech and we just didn’t know it.

Turns out that Mozart first conducted his opera, Don Giovanni, in Prague and it became a point of pride, culture and a tourist attraction. The Czechs combined Don Giovanni with their marionettes. You can see the shows announced all over city center.

The Czech are also quite proud that the world renowned literary author of The Metamorphosis (which I read in high school 🙂 ), Franz Kafka was one of their own. There is a very interesting statue of him in the Jewish neighborhood and his old home is a turist a attraction. You better believe that Mindi and I made it a point to see the late authors home and the quaint neighborhood in which it is situated.

Last but, most certainly, not least I’d like to mention the Lennon Wall. This was my favorite stop because it is a place where each visitor can leave their own unique mark on the city. This graffiti wall is full of drawings, quotes, lyrics, colors, and so much more. When we arrived there was a young man who had just finished leaving his print on the wall and was kind enough to give us his remaining paint. With it I wrote down my favorite Gabriel García Márquez quote:

“Los seres humanos no nacen para siempre el día en que sus madres los alumbran, sino que la vida los obliga a parirse a sí mismos una y otra vez “–GGM

Prague is a place that you must visit before you die. Don’t fool yourself into thinking otherwise.


Prague to do list:

Charles Bridge: This famous bridge crosses the Vltava River and pictures don’t do it justice whatsoever.

The Bridge

Prague Castle: This is the most unique castle I’ve ever seen. It has an array of architectural styles from the last millennium and it just exquisite.

The Guard

Saint Vitus Cathedral: This beautiful gothic cathedral is located within the Prague Castle complex. Its structure brings you to awe and peace all at once. It is imposing and one of a kind.

the view

Kafka’s home:

Kafka's home

The astronomical clock:


Lennon Wall:

Lennon Wall marked



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