8 Hours in Chi-Town

My boyfriend and I recently had an 8 hour layover in the beautiful and windy city of Chicago.  If ever you find yourself with a long layover anywhere TAKE ADVANTAGE!

Be sure to travel light in case you’re ever presented with an opportunity like this one.

Unlike other airports I’ve passed through, O’hare does not have a locker service to leave any carry-on luggage for the day. As luck would have it, both Oscar and I packed light and had very small suitcases to haul around with us. So after finding out we wouldn’t be able to leave our bags we looked at each other and said YOLO.

We downloaded a Chicago transit app called “Smart Ride”. We put our current location (O’Hare) and final destination—Millennium Park. This app planned the trip for us. It told us which train to take, what station to change in, what line to continue on and the stop that would get us to millennium. Oscar was also sure to double checked the track by looking at the metro maps posted throughout. He’s so good with directions and made the 8 hours easier and more efficient.

We quickly made our way to the CTA (aka “The L”) train station in the airport and bought 1 time fair tickets for just $5.00 each.

The metro ride from the airport to Millennium Park took one hour. Once we were there we explored and spent time taking in Cloud Gate aka “The Bean” and the architecture with which it is surrounded. We had fun posing for pictures, making faces, and just being plain old tourists!

After a time well spent at “The Bean” we went to grab a quick bite to eat and warm up at Panera on Michigan Ave. There are plenty of other restaurants to choose from, but like I said, we were looking for something quick. After eating and warming up we were planning on taking bus 151 (for $2.25 each) to the Willis Tower, previously known as the Sears Tower; however, it was too cold. We hailed a cab and took at $7.00 ride over to the infamous tower. There we went straight to the sky deck where we proceeded to be in awe of the spectacular views this edifice offers. It was so much fun!

Following our Willis Tower experience we got on the metro again and made our way back to the airport with enough time to go through security and sit tranquilly at the gate to board.

This wasn’t my first time in Chicago, but it just never gets old! Until next time Chi-Town!



2 hours on the metro from airport to city and back

1 1/2 hours wait at the gate to board our 10:00 pm flight.

In reality we were in Chicago for about 4-5 hours.

Always budget your time well during a layover. This will help you maximize your time, money, and keep your flight time.

p.s. Don’t mind the quality of the photos–We only had our cell phones. Next time we’re in beautiful Chicago we’ll be sure to have our good cameras. 😉



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