Fire and Ice

Magnificent. Extraordinary. Exquisite. Stunning. Gorgeous. Majestic. Awe inspiring. Amazing. Outer-worldly. Unpredictable. Stellar. Epic. Fantastic. Magical. BIG.

These are just a few of the adjectives that come to mind when people ask me “What Iceland is like?”

Here’s the low down on my epic Icelandic journey.

The Crew:

I had the great opportunity to go with 6 of my friends and 1 of my cousins!! I’m not going to lie to you, at first I felt a little overwhelmed because I had never planned a trip for a group that big, but at the end of the day I was super excited to merge people from a lot of different points of my life.

Sarah—British friend I met when I lived in Paris


Mario—My younger cousin


Diana—Bff whom I met when doing my study abroad year in Collonges, France


Daisy—Friend I met when I moved to Washington, D.C. area


Ruben—College friend from SAU in TN.


Jorge—College friend from SAU in TN.


Vanessa—Friend from the first SDA church I attended in Florida


Helena (Me):


Where we stayed:

An Airbnb house that sleeps up to 9 people. Be sure to specify how many people are going or else you might find that not all the beds will be set up. 😉 Here is the link. Also note that it actually only has one full bath not two.

What we did:

Day one: Settle in to our Airbnb and explore bits of Reykjavik

Day two: Scogafoss, Black Beach, and Blue Lagoon. I recommend that you use this link to purchase your blue lagoon tickets ahead of time. It’ll save you about 10 Euros.

Day three: Golden Circle Started the day by snorkeling at Thingvellir National Park. We swam between the Eurasia and North American Tectonic plates. Next stop was Geyser, and the last stop was Gullfoss.


Day Four: Reykjavik




On May 4th the group of 8 embarked together on an epic journey to discover the land of fire and ice. As we visited Scogafoss, black sand beach, and the golden circle we all came to the conclusion that Iceland doesn’t just have waterfalls it has WATERFALLS. Iceland doesn’t just have rocks it has ROCKS. Iceland doesn’t just have a fault line it has THE FAULT LINE SEPARATING Eurasia and North America.

We also decided that it was strange and amazing at the same time to be in a place that had so much light during the “summer” months. The sun never fully sets in Iceland. They call this midnight sun. It’s still there looking like it wants to set, but just doesn’t.

Iceland is magical

What we ate:

Since we were such a large group we decided to buy groceries for our first two days of excursions. We had eggs for breakfast and sandwiches. In fact, we had so many that we decided our group’s hashtag would be “#VikingSandwiches”.

After we fIMG_6715inished touring the Golden Circle we decided to go home, freshen up a bit, and go out to eat. Mario found a great spot in Reykjavik that seemed to be a bit Italian inspired in their décor, but definitely Icelandic in cuisine. The name of this nice little eatery is Resto. Great place to have some good food at more reasonable rates. I had the salmon, which was incredibly delicious. 😉


On our Reykjavik day, five of us stopped in a restaurant called Kol. This place is highly recommended! Vanessa and I ordered their signature drink: the Icelandic Ego and OMG—that baby was good!!For my main course I ordered the lamb and savored every single bite.  If you’d like to check it out follow this link.

IMG_6743We also ate some of Iceland’s famous hot dogs which I thought were very tasty, but not the most amazing I’ve had.

What I would do differently: I would have stayed at least 7 days to allow for a couple of chill days to recharge energy levels.

Feelings about Iceland:

I absolutely fell in love with the land of fire and ice. I loved the extremeness (if that’s a word) of its nature. Lava spewing volcanoes set in a land that can be frigidly cold. I loved the rock formations that are so perfect and unique that they made people inquire if they were man-made (they are not). I loved the grandeur of the waterfalls and how unique each one was. I loved the power of the geyser. I loved how relaxing Blue Lagoon was. I loved the snow topped mountains. I loved the ground I was having the privilege of walking. And I loved the friendliness and politeness of Icelandic people.


It is my goal to go to Iceland again to repeat the places I saw and discover new ones.


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