Travel Through Time

The more I travel, the more I realize that time travel is actually possible. We don’t need a time machine, we don’t need a complicated physics formula, nor do we need magic. All we need to do is visit places that are drenched in human history. Walking the footsteps of strangers and those that have come before us provide the magic of time travel.

I find history to be incredibly fascinating, but there’s something about Biblical History that is particularly alluring. I’ve always wanted to visit the time of Moses, Esther,  Jesus, and the apostle Paul–just to name a few.

When I was told at work that I would be traveling to Jordan with a team from ADRA International to work with the ADRA Yemen team I was absolutely elated. Not only did it mark the beginning of my international travel with ADRA as a full time staff, but I was going to a place that had been on bucket list for years.

At first all I could think about was the fact that I was going to be able to visit Petra on my free time–I was absolutely consumed by this idea. However, soon after my arrival I became completely enthralled by everything that the country had to offer, not just Petra. I quickly signed up to go an afternoon excursion to the dead sea and after work hours I was happy to wander around Amman and visit ruins that had once been the Greek city of Philadelphia and before that a Moabite temple. My feet were touching the place that Esther was from and most likely had walked herself with her mother-in-law.

The afternoon trip to the Dead Sea was absolutely stunning, relaxing and awe inspiring. As I was floating in the water and gazed to the other side, my eyes fell upon Israel and I just couldn’t believe how incredibly lucky I was.

Another afternoon I was able to visit Jerash. These are Greco-Roman ruins. It is believed that Jesus Christ himself visited this place. Not only did he visit here but performed a miracle. This is where he delivered the man of the legion of demons that had taken over him and threw them into the pigs that were around.

My colleagues and I also had the opportunity to go on a tour of the Jordan river. Here, we walked around the place the John the baptist used live in, the spot where Jesus allegedly was baptized, and to dip our feet in its water. It was incredibly surreal.

On this day, we also visited Mount Nebo. From this place God showed moses the promised land. In fact, the dessert where it is located is called “Wadi Musa” which means “Moses’ Valley”. This is where Moses and the newly freed Israelites wandered for 40 years after God freed them from Egyptian bondage.

The crown jewel of the trip and Jordan was , of course, Petra. The city is absolutely enchanting. There is nothing like it and it is obvious why it is one of the seven wonders. How it was constructed is still a mystery, though the leading theory is that it was constructed with using scaffolds to carve the structures from top to bottom–right into the rocks. “Petra” actually means “Rock”.  The canyons in which the city was built were once filled with water and today are dessert. The red hues of the rocks and buildings carved into the rocks make it that much more captivating. This marvelous wonder will leave the most articulate person speechless.

Every step I took brought the Bible to life for me. Every step I took was a conversation with historical figures from the past. Every step I took was intimate, irrevocable, and irreplaceable.


Jordan exceeded all of my expectations and left me in want of more. Not only was the country absolutely gorgeous, but it’s people were some of the most beautiful I met. Every single person was incredibly cordial, nice, helpful, interested in its visitors, and intriguing. They were all welcoming and have carved a special place in my heart.


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